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Sooo0o0o0o. I recently created a new website and moved my domain over to a whole new world. With that, I lost my old blog content and thus have to start all over again. I'm so sad to lose all those hundreds of blog posts I wrote over the past 7 years! It's such a bummer to have to start from scratch, but that's the way it goes sometimes!

Anyyyyway, I'm so happy to share this beautiful soul with you. Alex came into the studio for her boudoir shoot and we had a serious blast hanging and shooting around. 

Having photos of yourself is so special. Haven't you ever looked through old photo albums of your parents or grand parents and found incredible photos of them? It's a feeling unlike any other. You get a glimpse into who they were at that time and that is seriously magical. Having these boudoir photos of yourself is so amazing. Imagine passing them on to your daughters or grand daughters and showing them how strong and empowered you are. 

It's an honor that I get to work with such beautiful souls. Alex is such a bad ass. We had a freaking blast during her session and I LOVE that she opted to do some in 'normal' clothes so she could have them to show the worldddd.

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