Philadelphia Body Positive Boudoir Photographer | Natural Light Boudoir

Damn. I'll tell yaaa. I've only photographed a hand full of women in the new studio, but I am so beyond happy and excited to have this new, incredibly inspiring space...and I get to share it with a few really unbelievably bad ass women. 

Michele is the owner of Quarter Moon Co. - (ahem, if you're a female business owner you need to follow, check out, hire Michele and Shannon), she's also one of my closest friends (maybe you remember BabeFest? That was ussss). I had just set up the shooting area of the studio and I couldn't freaking wait to photograph someone, so she took her top off and her Christmas cactus socks and we shot around for 5 minutes. 

Just goes to show that your outfits really don't freaking matter. A pair of jeans and nothing else works just fine for your boudoir session - I'm not photographing the clothes. I'm photographing you, mama.