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Where are you located?

We are located in Philadelphia, PA! The studio is in the Kensington area of Philadelphia.

What type of photography do you offer?

We specialize in photography services for womxn, femmes, trans, and non binary folx who want to enjoy a fun, empowering morning rolling around the Body Love Collective Studio! Boudoir photography is a phrase used to describe a 'sexy photo shoot', but there is absolutely no pressure to go the super sexy route. Sometimes we work our way up to super sexy, and for others, we keep it sweet and laid back - that is totally up to you and what you're comfortable with.

How do I book a session?

Head on over to our contact page + fill out the form! We will be in touch with you to send you the next steps on how to book.

Can I bring a friend to my shoot?

Nope :) Our sessions are private. We do not allow friends or family present while we’re shooting. Trust us, it’s a lot more difficult to get comfortable and let loose if your sister or best friend is sitting there watching. If you’re nervous and really want to bring someone, they can sit out in the hall while we’re shooting!

Do you ever shoot on location in people's homes or outside?

We primarily shoot in my studio space, but am open to shooting on location. Beautiful natural light, as well as privacy, are key! Kimberlee offers outdoor boudoir sessions in the Spring and Summer months.

I'm nervous!! I'm not sure I'm ready!

I totally understand! I'd say 99% of my clients 'have never done this before' and 'would never normally do this'. It's intimidating, scary, nerve-wracking......AT FIRST. Friennnnddddd, I am here to support and guide you through this experience. It's an INCREDIBLE experience and it's something that I think all people should do when they feel ready. I guide you through everything from helping you with outfits, to posing and movement during your shoot. I got you, babe!

how much should I expect to spend when booking with cheyenne or Kimberlee?

Cheyenne’s boudoir packages start at $950 and go up to $2200 with the option to add on products. Kimberlee’s Signature Collection starts at $550 with the option to add on products and makeup.

How far out should I book?

You should plan to book out about 3-6 months in advance. Our books fill up very quickly! Also, in order to ensure you receive your photos when you need them, you should book your shoot for about 2 months before you need your photos.

I have no idea what to expect! Will you help me with things like choosing outfits, etc?

Yes! We know that it’s not every day you get in your undies in front of a camera - this is our job and we *do* do this every day, though, so we got your back. We’re here to guide you through everything - you can always access us via email if you have questions before your shoot. We have a fantastic welcome packet full of all the info you need to know to prep for your photo session with us. It has outfit ideas, do’s and don’ts for before your shoot, and soooo muchhh moooore. On the day of your session, we’ll absolutely help you go through your outfits and narrow it down. We give you a posing spiel before we even start shooting, and while we’re shooting we will show you every pose, and walk and talk you through everything!

Will you share my images online?

I never share any images of any of my clients unless I have written permission to do so! Once you see your images, you will be able to make the decision to allow me to share any number of images, or NONE at all! Totally up to you!

Do you travel for sessions?

We do not currently travel for sessions, but we have a badass, gorgeous studio space in Philadelphia - come hang with me or Kimberlee, my amazing associate photographer!