That smile…

…lights up my freaking life! I’ve been mentoring Kimberlee since 2015 so it was a no-brainer to have her join the team when the time came for me to bring on an associate photographer. Kimberlee is a ray of sunshine in my life. She is kind, sweet, and an amazing photographer! She and I share a passion for helping womxn see themselves and celebrate themselves, and I am so excited to have Kimmy on as the first ever Body Love Collective Associate Photographer. It’s a freaking mouth-full, but ayyyy yi yi I’m so happy that you’ll get to experience her beautiful spirit when you book with her!

Why an associate photographer?

In 2018, I photographed 4-6 women a week, roughly 18 sessions a month. I was burnt out, exhausted, spent, etc., and I could barely keep up with all the work I made for myself. I decided it was time to bring on someone who had the same love for boudoir that I do. It was time to expand and to let someone else take on some shoots so that I could continue to run a successful, beautiful business. Kimberlee is that person. I’m so proud to have her as part of the BLC team!


allow me to introduce myself….