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cheyenne gil

Founder and lead photographer of Cheyenne Gil Studios

Being a boudoir photographer is the greatest joy of my life. It's my passion and my purpose and it's what drives me every single damn day. I get to celebrate women and femmes - show them their firey power that burns in that big jiggly belly or that dimply butt or those big ol thighs. I'm in the business of empowering, reclaiming, celebrating, and honoring all bodies.




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In the spirit of practicing what I preach, let me celebrate myself for a second: I’m an expert at what I do. I’m a healer. I hold a lot of power. I have big energy. I’m passionate (like, really) about showing people that they’re allowed to see themselves. I create a safe space for that to happen, and I make it happen. A boudoir session is an incredible, life-changing experience that can open up your eyes to truly see yourself. It’s a chance to strip away the old beliefs we may have about how our bodies are ‘supposed’ to look, and to finally view ourselves and SEE ourselves as truly beautiful and perfect beings. 

 Booking a boudoir session can feel intimidating and nerve-racking - I get it!  I’m here for you throughout the entire process. I know you may be coming into this nervous, not knowing what to expect, worried that you won’t know what to do - that’s all completely normal! I do this every day, though, and you can fully trust that I will be here to guide you through every step - from booking, to prepping, to outfits, and finally, posing (I literally don’t shut up the entire time we’re shooting) - I got you. If you feel ready, let’s do it. It’s time.


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I have a bad ass poodle named Penny (who may or may not be present at your photo shoot). I love cheesesteaks. I love fries. I love pizza. I love my beautiful husband. I love jewelry that clings and clangs so much that you can hear me coming from a mile away. I love my belly rolls. I love my legs. I love my eyes. I love getting women in front of my lens and showing them how important it is to celebrate, acknowledge, and respect your body, mind, soul. It's all connected. I live for what I do and it's my mission to show you and every other woman in the world that it's OKAY to love yourself - mind, body, and soul - all of you. It's OKAY to celebrate you. I got you, babe.

This is such a powerful experience, and it’s one that I truly do believe every person should have (I’m really not just saying that because this is my job).