Cheyenne Gil Studios is a body positive, fat positive boudoir studio serving womxn, femmes, and trans folx in the Philadelphia area. All bodies are welcome in our space! Work with Cheyenne or her associate photographer, Kimberlee, to celebrate your bad ass self. Come hang with us!


why boudoir?

From Cheyenne: I do what I do for a lot of reasons, but the biggest, most important reason is this: when I was a child and young woman, I had absolutely no idea I was ever allowed to love myself. I believed - truly - that I would never find true love, that I would never be ‘hot’, desirable, worthy in any way of love, honorable friendships, a good career, etc. I can’t believe I ever thought that way, because my my my - I was so very wrong.

I do what I do for little girl me. Little girl me who struggled 24/7 with her body image and who let it get in the way of growing and sharing myself with the world. It wasn’t until I was about 19 years old that I really started realizing how much of how I was feeling wasn’t my fault at all. I realize that I was trained, from the moment I was born, to believe that smaller = better, hotter, more worthy of love or passion or respect or honor - and that bigger or fatter = unhealthy, unattractive, undesirable. Growing up, I wanted to shrink myself down to be as small as I could possibly be.

Sound familiar? So many of us go through this, and often times it’s silently - but once we get going on the journey to fully accepting ourselves - body, mind, and soul - something shifts in the Universe and we’re able to see things more clearly, live more authentically and freely, love not only ourselves but the people around us, and learn not to judge others by their appearances. By putting in the work on ourselves, we’re able to let go of fat phobia and the idea that in order to live a beautiful, full life we must constantly be trying to obtain a smaller, more toned, ‘healthier’ body. When we’re able to fully accept, respect, and honor our own body exactly how it is in this very moment, we’re able to do the same for others’ bodies as well.

Boudoir is an experience. It’s a magical one. When you feel that you’re in the right spot to celebrate everything you are, hit us up. We will have an incredible day full of love and laughter and sexiness and POWER.


come hang with us

Our studio is a safe and loving space for all bodies. We do not edit your photos to make you smaller, slimmer, or more toned. We do not pose you to look your skinniest or to hide your belly or arms or thighs - we photograph you for who you are - with the rolls and the jiggles and the stretch marks - all of it! Our passion in LIFE (cliche much?!) is helping you SEE yourself. That’s what we do here. You ready? Good.

Shoot with me, Cheyenne, on Friday or Saturday mornings - Or, book our associate photographer Kimberlee for Saturday or Sunday afternoons!

We are here to answer your questions! If your question isn’t answered on our FAQ page, send in a contact form and we’ll be happy to help!